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Is there someone you care about who could injure themselves in their home without you knowing? Or someone who might need emergency assistance but not able to reach the phone?

Many people these days want to care for those they love but do not live close enough to 'pop in' every day. That is why we at Ableworld have developed a simple, affordable way of monitoring people's well-being from a distance. We call it Ableworld Telecare and it can be put in place for as little as 55p per day, giving you peace of mind that if your loved-one ever did need help it would be on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

£238.80 (£199.00 Exc VAT*)
£299.99 (£249.99 Exc VAT*)
£359.99 (£299.99 Exc VAT*)
£359.99 (£299.99 Exc VAT*)
£479.99 (£399.99 Exc VAT*)
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