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Road Scooters

When it comes to purchasing a mobility scooter it's important to spend as much time as needed getting the best one for you. Whether you plan to simply make your life easier with a transportable model for the car or you want a road scooter, you need to make sure you're purchasing the right one for you. Here at Ableworld we are one of the biggest suppliers of electric mobility scooters throughout the UK. Our range starts from as little as £449.00 so why not make your life easier from today. With stores across the country and a great team here at Ableworld we'll make sure you drive away happy!

Why not check out our Mobility Scooter Highway Code Guide! Don't forget all of our mobility scooters are available via our Click & Collect service. You may also be interested in our pavement mobility scooters and our boot scooters.

£1,434.00 (£1,195.00 Exc VAT*)
£1,914.00 (£1,595.00 Exc VAT*)
£1,914.00 (£1,595.00 Exc VAT*)
£2,158.80 (£1,799.00 Exc VAT*)
£2,634.00 (£2,195.00 Exc VAT*)
£3,114.00 (£2,595.00 Exc VAT*)
£4,314.00 (£3,595.00 Exc VAT*)
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